Experience our latest technologies in action
at MEDICA in Düsseldorf from November 15 – 18, 2021!

We invite you on a virtual journey through a world full of inspiration. 
You can visit our virtual show floor at MEDICA in all time zones of the world.

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What’s going on at MEDICA?

MEDICA Düsseldorf – the world’s
largest event for the medical sector, has been firmly established on every expert’s
calendar for more than 40 years.

Last year, JIECANG attended to the first-ever virtual MEDICA – we show medical technologies highlight in virtual form that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. What surprises will we bring to exhibitors and visitors this year?

For more information, please pay attention to MEDICAL in Düsseldorf.

Hall 17 |D41
15-18 November 2021

Actuator solutions for applications

Medical equipment has extremely high standards for safety and reliability. JIECANG is specialized in precisely controlling the actuator system with top safety features through in-house designed and manufactured control system. This supports caregivers performing daily nursing tasks more easily and creates a comfortable user experience for patients.

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Discover our latest innovations for medical equipment and talk to our experts directly.

Linear actuator JC35L23

  • Brand new linear actuator with quick release function, improved usability – easy-to-handle and reliable.
  • Max load capacity :6000N
  •  Up to 6.5 mm/s

To your JC35L23

Control Box JCB35K3

  • Intelligent & Easy Maintenance
  • High performance Li-Ion battery
  • Customizable front panel and handset
  • Easy cleaning – max. IPX6

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Control Box JCB35T3

  • BOOST technology – time-saving with high speed actuator system
  • Easy assembly – detachable design for assembly without screws
  • Smart – integrated underbed lightning, upgradable and expandable
  • Safe – built-in 9V block battery for emergency lowering

To your JCB35T3

Column JC35EA-3C

  • Compact and long stroke length. 3-part guidance enables an overlap between the individual profiles, which ensures a high degree of stability.
  • Axial load capacity:2000N
  •  Up to 14 mm/s
  • Easy cleaning – max. IPX6

To your JC35EA-3C

Highly customized for making your own

Want to learn more about our products?  Our catalog provides all product models and parameters.

Almost all types of linear actuators, control boxes, hand controllers and accessories of JIECANG are compatible with each other.  You can select components to meet your needs.

From the panel and buttons of controllers to the additional functions of linear actuators, you can also get a flexible and highly customized service.

Have a talk with expert team

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact our expert team or sales in your area, we will provide you with professional advice and technical support at any time.

JIECANG has branches in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, in order to provide you with international quality and localized services.

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